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Today, with 10 years of experience helping guitar players, I am more committed than ever to making sure that each and every person who wants to become a great guitar player is able to do so quickly, correctly, while enjoying the process along the way. I am also committed to training the best people to become the best guitar instructors in Fort Worth. Our team of guitar teachers are highly trained, enthusiastic about your success, and teach full-time at Fort Worth Guitar Academy, not as a side gig like most guitar teachers.

Here are the benefits you will receive when you become a guitar student with us: 

Fort Worth Guitar Lessons

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn from a guitar teacher that has proven results in creating great guitarists in the Fort Worth area?

And wouldn't it be awesome if you could actually learn the style of music you want to learn and not some other style where the teacher tries to convince you that taking jazz guitar lessons is the way to become a great rock guitarist? 

Would you like to progress beyond the basics of guitar quickly and begin learning how to improvise, write your own music and develop a voice of your own? 

At Fort Worth Guitar Academy, we have a proven track record for helping students become great guitar players that get to learn rock and pop guitar with a tested curriculum unique to our school that you won't find anywhere else. We will show you what to practice, train you how to practice correctly, and help you set goals on a regular basis that ensure that you reach your goals and become an even better guitar player than you originally set out to be. 

We will expect more from you than any other guitar teacher in Fort Worth and do (almost) whatever it takes to get you to become an amazing guitarist. Other music schools teach a little bit of everything (drums, bass, etc). Not us. All we do is guitar. This is who we are. We are passionate about the guitar and fully committed to helping guitar players just like you realize their dreams and achieve their goals with our guitar lessons in Fort Worth.

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The Solution- Learn Guitar From A Professional Guitar Instructor That Consistently Produces Great Guitar Players All The Time!

Have You Already Tried Learning Guitar From An Ineffective Guitar Teacher?

Unlike most professions, teaching guitar requires NO training or certification. This means that any guitar player off the street can choose to become a guitar teacher and begin leading guitar-playing hopefuls down the wrong path right away. And most guitar teachers in Fort Worth are exactly that- guys in bands that want to make a few bucks on the side teaching to fund their gigging lifestyle. This means you are paying for guitar lessons from someone in Fort Worth with zero training on how to teach, zero training on how to develop a curriculum, and zero training on which methods work and which do not. So if you want lead guitar lessons, there is a good chance the teacher is just guessing and has no idea how to actually get you where you want to go!

What about the guitar teachers that have degrees?  They can be even worse, depending on the teacher! Most guitar teachers with degrees also do not know the best ways to teach a student, but they do typically have a curriculum that is followed. The problem here is that oftentimes the teachers are so rooted in the college level system they were trained in that they are stuck with old-fashioned classical and jazz ideas that allow no room for outside ideas that may be better or that venture outside of those styles. So if you want to learn rock, pop, or metal music, you're out of luck!

I even heard a classical guitar teacher once state, "If you can play classical guitar, you can play anything." And while mastering classical guitar requires a high degree of proficiency, becoming a great classical guitarist will not make you a great rock guitarist! 

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Here's what we're going to accomplish when we meet with you for the first time at our Fort Worth guitar lessons studio: we will help you overcome any single guitar playing challenge you are having right now at no cost to you. Then, we will assess your current needs and help you create a plan to reach your goals. 

So don't waste any more time with an untrained guitar teacher who is just "guessing" and constantly "winging" it; schedule your FREE assessment today with us and begin your journey to becoming an amazing guitarist!

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"When I was teaching myself, I was just playing scales and really had no idea what I was doing or why. I hit a block and realized I needed help. Once I came to Fort Worth Guitar Academy for lead guitar lessons, my playing really evolved to a new level and I've gone further than I ever thought possible. This is the best place to learn guitar in the whole metroplex!" -Aaron P. 

The Best Guitar Lessons In Fort Worth, TX

"I've learned more in 2 years with guitar lessons here than in 35 years on my own."         -Don

  • Are you stuck learning guitar from an average guitar teacher?

  • Did you fall into the trap of signing up for guitar lessons at a big box store because they were cheap or convenient, only to realize they never got you the results you were after?

  • Are you ready to take guitar lessons from a guitar instructor in Fort Worth who will actually get you the results you are after?

I can relate. I've been there myself. When I was a teenager, my parents signed me up for guitar lessons at a local Fort Worth guitar store because it was close to home and it was cheap. I was so excited about taking lessons and learning from a real teacher!

Disappointment And Frustration With Guitar Lessons At The Guitar Store

Unfortunately, my initial excitement about taking guitar lessons quickly wore off. At my first lesson, even though my teacher did ask me what I wanted to learn, he began teaching me advanced jazz chords. I had only been playing guitar for several months at this point, and I had no idea what he was trying to show me. Furthermore, I had no interest in what he was trying to show me, so I didn't practice it. To make matters worse, he did not show me how to practice. Instead, he would spend most of the lesson playing guitar himself! So even if I were to have practiced in between lessons, my guitar instructor would have no idea if I was practicing correctly because he didn't watch me do it during the lesson. My parents had wasted all their time and money.

After a few months, this teacher moved to Dallas. My parents were given the opportunity for me to sign up for lessons with someone else, but they didn't do it because they saw my lack of results with the former teacher as well as my dissatisfaction and lack of interest. Because of this bad experience, we assumed that all guitar teachers were like this (and most of them are), so I continued to teach myself for the next four years. This was a frustrating and slow process, but I was absolutely determined to succeed.