Fort Worth Guitar Academy Events

Rock Band Camp
Monday, June 4-Friday, June 8: 9:30-11:30am
Student Performance for Parents: Friday, June 9th at 11:00am

Your child will receive 9 hours of training and instruction and will see massive results in their playing, giving them the confidence that they can become a great guitarist or pianist with hard work and correct practice.

When your child sees how much progress they’ve made in one week, they will actually believe they can become great. Once they believe it, they’ll actually be motivated and excited to practice again!

Your child will be learning at least one complete popular song from beginning to end during this week appropriate for their level (which is something almost every musician struggles to do) and will be ready to perform for you and the rest of the family by Friday at 10:30am with a full band!

PLUS this camp is going to be motivating and a lot of fun, which will give them the inspiration they need to keep practicing at home between lessons all summer long!

Finally, they’re going to be learning their own unique part and playing with other guitarists, pianists, AND a drummer!

Space is limited to 12 students (kids and teens only)

Spring 2019 Guitar Class Schedule