Songwriting and Recording Workshop for Kids- Sat, Dec. 30th @10:00am 

  Think that songwriting is reserved for people with "natural talent" and something one is "born with?" 
  Think again!
  Anyone can become a songwriter- it's simply a skill that must developed. 
  Join us on Saturday, Dec. 30th for an ultra fun, exclusive songwriting/recording workshop where you will: 

  • Write your own complete song (including harmony and melody)
  • Record your parts (using professional studio equipment)
  • Learn how to program drum parts
  • Learn how to layer and pan your music to sound BIG!
  • Program keyboards and other effects

  You'll leave Fort Worth Guitar Academy with your complete recording that day!
  (and if we don't finish it, you can stay after to finish your recording until you love it)

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Fort Worth Guitar Academy Events

  Songwriting and Recording Workshop for Adults- Sat, Dec. 30th @12:30pm 

  See above for details.

  Limited to the first 6 adult guitarists who sign up.

  Open to current and former students. 

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