Join us at Fort Worth Guitar Academy today and we'll make sure your child has an amazing experience learning how to play the piano!

Give your son or daughter piano lessons that allow them to make music with other great kids and even join a band and perform a live show!

We will give your child the structure they need to become great at piano

Your child will learn just how easy it is to play along with their favorite songs on the radio and feel successful right away

Too often we hear stories of kids who absolutely dreaded their piano lessons because the teacher not encouraging and only taught boring, outdated music that had no relevance to the child's life.

Piano Lessons For Kids

Looking for piano lessons in Fort Worth that your child will love?

*FACT: Fort Worth Guitar Academy's original name was Ridglea School of Music

​​We make sure our piano students get the right balance of encouragement and being held to a high standard, the music they want to learn and the music we know they need to learn.