"I would absolutely recommend The Fort Worth Guitar Academy to anyone who is wanting to learn an instrument. This school went way beyond my expectations, and I've made outstanding progress in a short amount of time."    -Weldon

"Before I began lessons with Eric, I was attempting to teach myself how to play. I never reached my goal. With Eric, I'm further than I thought I could be in just a short amount of time. He has the ability to communicate each lesson clearly and has patience and passion for what he does. He truly wants you to enjoy playing guitar!"

- Danielle

"I have tried to teach myself the guitar for the last 30 years, looking up tabs, getting frustrated at my lack of skill and understanding. I have learned more in 6 months with Eric than I have in years. I can now play my favorite Buddy Holly song correctly!" -Jeff

"Now I can actually form chords and have an understanding of the practice and discipline it takes to be a guitar player. Eric is a great instructor- he allows students to ask questions and gives great answers that can be applied immediately.  His teaching style is perfect for someone who really wants to be good at guitar. He takes your skill level and improves it with every lesson."                                    - Ricky

"The biggest thing Eric has helped me with so far is getting over the initial intimidation factor and giving me the confidence I needed. Eric has done a fantastic job of relating to me in regards to my level of skill.   I've also seen with several students where they will bring him a piece of music and he does everything he can to assist them in achieving their goals.  Eric goes above and beyond for all his students."
- Robert

"Before starting lessons, I only knew how to play part of one song and had no other knowledge of the instrument. Now I am able to play multiple songs, scales, chords, and the proper form to play. Eric also helped me be able to read music and develop a good practice ethic. He was able to relate to me very well and did a very good job showing me what I need to do in order to become a better musician."    
​  -Harrison

"My lessons have given me direction and purpose and have quickly knocked off the accumulated musical rust. Eric has helped integrate the skills I had brought with me to my first lessons and brings great enthusiasm and patience to the learning process. He is a great player without the intimidation."  


"I've gone from knowing little or nothing about the guitar to now considering it a hobby and a stress relief from my every day job."              


"When I came in, I literally knew nothing about bass guitar or music in general. I have come very far, and I'm no longer lazy about practicing. I love lessons! Eric is very patient with us and never gets mad when we have bd playing days. Working with another student in the Real Rock Band Program has pushed me to a new level, and playing is more fun with other people!" -Annabret

"Before I started lessons with Eric, I had no understanding of music theory and how it linked to the guitar. Eric showed me how to study correctly and avoid bad habits. Eric is a marvelous teacher because he teaches guitar in a way that makes it fun to learn the instrument. Our lessons together are the complete opposite of boring and I always look forward to them."   -Kyler

"I went into the lessons not knowing anything and now I know pretty much all the important basics of guitar. After having one on one sessions I moved to Adult Group sessions which I personally loved! Eric's patience level with me especially was exceptional. I like how he helps to set goals for you. He knows personally how hard it is to learn how to play guitar, goes at your pace, and doesn't overwhelm you."    


"My guitar ability was non-existent before I studied with Eric. Now I can basically sight-read and play almost anything with a good understanding. Eric has a vast knowledge or all things music and is able to relate his teaching to my personal ability, allowing me to learn very efficiently. It has been a great and meaningful experience."     -Seve

"When I was teaching myself, I was just playing scales and really had no idea what I was doing or why. I hit a block and realized I needed help. Once I came to Fort Worth Guitar Academy for lead guitar lessons, my playing really evolved to a new level and I've gone further than I ever thought possible. This is the best place to learn guitar in the whole metroplex!" 

-Aaron P. 

"The best part about this school is your guitar teacher isn't just showing you how to play a song- they're actually teaching you how to play the instrument!

From there you can actually learn how to create your own music and not just copy other guitarists. My guitar teacher at Fort Worth Guitar Academy showed me how to do that." 

-Dylan K.

Guitar Student Testimonials